Don Ernesto 2007 Vin Gris Rose, Napa Valley

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Tasting Notes

Indie Winemakers' Tasting Notes

Our mission is to provide unbiased opinions of the wine being offered. These notes come from up to 10 guests who tasted this wine in a blind tasting format (wine is concealed so their identity is unknown). Why this format? Tasting blind completely throws out any hype associated with a certain winery, style, price point, etc; it forces the taster to accept what is in the glass without any predetermined notions. Our guests utilize Robert Parker's Glossary of Wine Terms for their comments for consistency purposes. In addition, we utilize the wine aroma wheel to enhance one’s ability to describe the complexity of wine flavor. Notes are posted on this wine during the tasting to ensure they accurately reflect the impressions.

Tasting Notes

  • Group Tasting Notes: Nice and clear watermelon red color. A slight effervescence was noted. Aromas of red berries, especially strawberries were noted. Lots of big, fresh fruit flavors were tasted with strawberries being most noticeable. Refreshing and round feeling in the mouth with a medium finish. A very nice example of a refreshing Rose. One taster noted "reminds me of the rose wines we would get in Greektown, Chicago".

Technical Data

Wine Technical Data
Blend 100% Pinot Noir
Appellation Silverado Trail, Napa Valley
Harvest Dates Sept. 11th, 2007
Sugar at Harvest 23.2 Brix
Fermentation Fermented in stainless steel tanks
Aging / Cooperage None
Alcohol 12.5% by volume
Acidity pH: 3.51, TA: .58

Technical Notes - Don Ernesto 2007 Vin Gris Rose, Napa Valley

Don Ernesto Credo

"Good wine shouldn't be complicated. Like a rainbow or a puppy or a picture of yourself when you were slightly flushed, good wine should make you feel happy to be alive, enjoying life, surrounded by friends. Don Ernesto is just that kind of fun in a bottle--and a slightly quixotic winegrower, too. Put a smile on your face: enjoy Don Ernesto."

About Don Ernesto

We've been making wine for thirty years, and in that time, we've come to believe in the words above as the foundation of what we do. Why shouldn't wine simply be enjoyed as part of our lives? Why shouldn't it be there to make the bright times brighter? With these ideas in mind, we created a series of wines that are purely about enjoyment: no attitude, no posturing, and no problems.

Winemaker's tasting notes

This Pinot Noir Rose's nose of strawberry and lemon perfectly evokes summer nights, and its racy mouth of strawberry, Royal Anne cherry, and grapefruitwith a slight hint of cinnamonwill make you want to finish the bottle and open another.

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