Deerfield Ranch Winery 2002 Super Tuscan


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Tasting Notes

Indie Winemakers' Tasting Notes

Our mission is to provide unbiased opinions of the wine being offered. These notes come from up to 10 guests who tasted this wine in a blind tasting format (wine is concealed so their identity is unknown). Why this format? Tasting blind completely throws out any hype associated with a certain winery, style, price point, etc; it forces the taster to accept what is in the glass without any predetermined notions. Our guests utilize Robert Parker's Glossary of Wine Terms for their comments for consistency purposes. In addition, we utilize the wine aroma wheel to enhance one’s ability to describe the complexity of wine flavor. Notes are posted on this wine during the tasting to ensure they accurately reflect the impressions

Technical Data

Wine Technical Data
Blend 71% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Franc, 10% Cabernet and 4% Dolcetto
Appelation Sonoma, Napa and Lake Counties
Harvest Dates Through-out October, 2002
Residual Sugar 0.0%
Alcohol 14% by volume
Acidy PH = 3.65, TA = 0.67

Vintage Description

We let our grapes get fully vine ripened. It’s like picking a strawberry from your own garden instead of buying them in the supermarket. We hand pick and hand sort each bunch. The winemaking techniques are gentle and meticulous, resulting in a wine with a brilliant hue, full expression of the fruit flavors, well integrated oak and layered complexity. The nose and flavor fill every corner of the palate lingering into a long finish.

The 2002 vintage was the best even-year vintage in decades. It produced elegant wines with perfect balance, reflecting the mild summer and long growing season. The vineyards from which the grapes were picked have been growing for Deerfield for years and are located in unique terroir of Sonoma, Napa and Lake Counties.

In the Tuscan style, Super T-Rex was given extra aging time in the bottle before release to allow the flavors and tannins to marry and mellow. The result is a velvety smooth wine.

Winemaker Robert Rex Tasting Notes

Super T-Rex is a Meritage style wine with an Italian bent. It has the forward fruitiness and lovely characteristics of a Sangiovese with the depth and complexity of a Meritage blend. Sangiovese focuses its flavor on the front of the palate, like a forward cresting wave. Cabernet Franc takes aromas and flavors to the top of the palate and into the nasal cavity where it creates a chocolate headiness. Cabernet Sauvignon gives the wine middle structure and a long finish. Dolcetto (an Italian varietal) expands into the lower sides of the palate completing an all-encompassing taste delight.

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