Schug 2003 Carneros Estate Winery "Heritage Reserve" Merlot

Only 289 Cases Produced


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Tasting Notes

Indie Winemakers' Tasting Notes

Our mission is to provide unbiased opinions of the wine being offered. These notes come from up to 10 guests who tasted this wine in a blind tasting format (wine is concealed so their identity is unknown). Why this format? Tasting blind completely throws out any hype associated with a certain winery, style, price point, etc; it forces the taster to accept what is in the glass without any predetermined notions. Our guests utilize Robert Parker's Glossary of Wine Terms for their comments for consistency purposes. In addition, we utilize the wine aroma wheel to enhance one’s ability to describe the complexity of wine flavor. Notes are posted on this wine during the tasting to ensure they accurately reflect the impressions.

Tasting Notes

  • DK: Nose shows fruit but opens up nicely to a woody/earthy smell. I tasted a bit of pepper/spice as it aged in my glass. Opens up well.
  • DAV: Lots of fruit in both the smell and flavor of this wine. Had a good spicy taste to it as it aged a few minutes in my glass.
  • MS: Smelled and tasted lots of fruits and berries. Great wine to hold for 2010 to celebrate the first 2000 decade.
  • SS: Took about 10 minutes in the glass for me to get the fruit, mainly strawberry.

Technical Data

Wine Technical Data
Blend 94% Merlot (Sangiacomo, Ricci, Rancho Salina, Sahbari Vineyards), 3% Cabernet Sauvignon (Rancho Salina Vineyard), 3% Cabernet Franc (Rancho Salina Vineyard)
Appelation 85% Carneros 15% Sonoma Valley
Harvest Dates September 22nd through October 23rd, 2003
Sugar at Harvest 24.7 degrees Brix average
Fermentation 14 days in stainless steel tanks, pumped over three times daily
Aging / Cooperage 30% aged in new French oak barrels, 10% aged in new American oak barrels, 60% aged in 1 to 4 year old French and American oak barrels
Alcohol 14.0% by volume
Acidity TA = 0.71g/100ml; pH = 3.48

Winemaker's Tasting Notes

The Merlot is sourced from the cool Carneros region, where the extremely long growing season allows this varietal to ripen slowly, developing maximum varietal character and depth of flavor while retaining bright acidity. It has a spicy bouquet of lavender and mint, rich deep color and full-bodied flavors of cherry, cassis and chocolate. Try it now or age it for 5 to 7 years.

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